For us at ETI, the environment and sustainability are a natural part of our core business and strategy.

Looking towards the future

We are constantly working to develop, produce and market various types of more sustainable plastic products, to reduce the company’s environmental impact and to use energy and resources as efficiently as possible. It contributes to our increasing our long-term competitiveness and to creating long-term value for ETI as well as for our customers, suppliers, employees, owners and other stakeholders.

ETI increases the proportion of recycled material

Our focus areas within sustainability are waste and recycling of materials. We have a number of programs in place to reduce waste in the manufacturing and packaging processes. It is pleasing to note that in 2022 we have reused more waste material than ever before. The work to further increase the proportion of recycled material and to reduce our waste continues.

Our investment in reusable energy

ETI’s investment in the solar array on our factory roof is another plank in our environmental sustainability program. With over 650 solar panels adorn our roof, we generate 275Kw of electricity to power our production needs, and we also export power to the electrical grid.

Solar panels installed for sustainable energy usage