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Extrusion Technologies International (ETI) is a leader in the field of advanced extrusion technology. The business commenced in 1996 and we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of innovative extrusion solutions to industry. Our reputation is second to none.


Production automation roller bench

At ETI we believe that we are a competent and reliable partner for your PVC needs. We are a large capacity manufacturer of high-quality PVC profiles. Our expertise comes from nearly 30 years’ experience where we can guide you through the design process, protypes, packaging and finally production for supply.

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Extrusion edging

We can help you add product benefits such as better performance, longer life and a “versatility”, which can replace several sub-components, with the help of smart solutions and the right materials. All of our standard profiles can also be customized with, for example, a different length, colour or material choice to suit customer-specific wishes.

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Design and Development

Design and development diving flippers

We are constantly working to develop and explore new methods, materials and techniques. We also have the experience drawn from more than 500 different tools. All to create a strong combination of quality, innovation and reliability.

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Young plants in a large hydroponic trough farm

For us at ETI, the environment and sustainability are a natural part of our core business and strategy. We are constantly working to develop, produce and market various types of more sustainable plastic products, to reduce the company’s environmental impact and to use energy and resources as efficiently as possible. It contributes to our increasing our long-term competitiveness and to creating long-term value for ETI as well as for our customers, suppliers, employees, owners and other stakeholders.

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