At ETI we believe that we are a competent and reliable partner for your PVC needs. We are a large capacity manufacturer of high-quality PVC profiles. Our expertise comes from nearly 30 years’ experience where we can guide you through the design process, protypes, packaging and finally production for supply.

Extrusion Profiles in PVC thermoplastics.

Most of our extrusion profiles are produced in PVCs, as it is a material that can be recycled almost infinitely. We work in a number of PVC thermoplastics and can produce plastic profiles of indefinite shapes and lengths. We also extrude ABS and ASA.


With the co-extrusion method, we can combine different plastic materials that have different properties in one and the same product. This gives us the opportunity to offer a plastic profile with improved function and appearance.

The extrusion process

With the extrusion process, it is possible to produce very cost-effectively PVC profiles in different lengths, with integration of varying design functions with tight tolerances.

The extrusion process begins with plastic granules being melted down. The heated plastic mass is then compressed and pushed through a tool/die forming a continuous length of the desired shape. The extruded plastic profile is then shaped, perforated and cut to the desired length.

The end product will be a plastic profile. Examples are plaster trims, render trims, hydroponic troughs, pipes, marine profiles, furniture components, electrical posts, safety shields, concrete expansion joints. In fact, almost anything!

As the production is highly efficient it makes the process suitable for larger production runs, but is also effective for smaller volumes.

Many advantages are found in ETI’s DNA

ETI is a complete supplier with many advantages that makes a difference to your profitability and competitiveness. Are you looking for a supplier with an eye for smart materials and comprehensive solutions who also has the power to deliver large volumes at the right price and quality?

Then let us tell you what makes ETI a wise choice…

Competitive prices

ETI works to always be competitive from a price point of view. Part of the explanation is our careful and probably unique methodology to arrive at the best possible price in each individual case. Through our inquiry process, we ensure that your product gets the right price based on your requirements regarding everything from features and functionality to design and lifespan. A deep understanding of the development process, and highly efficient production are further factors that support our competitiveness at every level.

Highly efficient production

Focus on investments for constantly increased capacity and quality assurance technology. This is how ETI’s basic production philosophy can be described. This has led to the fact that today we have a modern factory with high capacity and flexible lead times. We have a highly skilled workforce and low staff turnover to maintain competence. Another feature of ETI is our way of working, where customer contact and production planning work closely together to ensure a high level of service and short lead times.

Strong relationships

Could ETI have grown so strongly if we had not prioritised our customer relationships? Absolutely not. Our strong commitment to customers is in our genes and has enabled our strong growth. Customers can expect us to always ask the right questions, always utilise our high collective competence, always think further ahead to optimise everything from function to price.

At the core there is also a deep understanding of what entrepreneurship means: We know that we must always add clear competitive advantages to your business that can include everything from time savings and lower costs to higher quality. Everything to make your life as simple and profitable as possible.

Experienced R&D

Broad and deep knowledge is the basis for ETI’s design and product solutions. High technical competence across our employees means that we quickly get to work when new products are to be put into production.

Actionable environmental responsibility

Our environmental responsibility means ongoing work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. For a long time, ETI has been working systematically to minimise waste and to recycle materials. The ambition is to exceed laws and requirements, which also means that we set our own environmental goals and guidelines. We consume green electricity generated from our large 275KW roof top solar farm and we recycle 97% of production waste. We also only work with completely Phthalate-free plastic raw materials regarding soft PVC as an example.